Grace Aik


Ms. Grace Aik comes from Singapore, but she has been staying abroad for the last twenty-six years - Massachusetts, USA, Taipei, Taiwan and Guangdong, China. She has 20 years of experience in education, and since year 2006 she has taken on the administrative role of School Supervisor. Ms. Grace Aik keeps herself updated with the changes and trends of international education, stays close contact with Jinan University and Singapore EtonHouse Headquarter, leads the School adhering to the Chinese laws and regulations in regards to education, and acts as a bridge between the Board and school management team. 
She is an active member of SingCham Guangdong, participating in many international events, including the ASEAN Badminton Competition held by various Consulates in Guangzhou. She loves to try new activities, such as learning to play jazz drums during Covid times, and she also challenged the 108km hike in the Gobi Desert. Whenever she has free time, she will travel, play sports, do gardening and read as much as possible.

Jonathan Lai 赖炳华


Master of Public Administration, University of Hong Kong Master in Language Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Chinese and English, Chinese University of Hong Kong Teacher’s Certificate in Special Education (Education of the Deaf), Sir Robert Black College of Education, Education University of Hong Kong Deputy Director, Office of Education Services of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (Anglican Church) Senior Lecturer & Senior Curriculum Advisor (Part-time), Education University of Hong Kong Chairperson, EDUC Advisory Committee of Hong Kong Baptist University Member, Advisory Committee of The School of Humanities and Social Science, Hang Seng University of Hong Kong Education Advisor to the Chairman, Hong Kong Weaving Mills Association Chairperson, China-Hong Kong Culture Exchange Association Founding Director, Project POSH (Power of Silver Hair) of Unleash Foundation Member, Hospital Governing Committee of Hong Kong Buddhist Hospital Former Principal, HKSKH Lee Kau Yan Memorial School Former Principal, HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary School

Hina Patel


Ms. Hina Patel has 19 years of experience in education and 13 years internationally for EtonHouse. Previously, she was in the U.K., teaching and consulting for the local Government to develop the curriculum and better prepare schools within the north-west of England. She has attended numerous REACH and Reggio conferences in Singapore and has extensive curriculum professional development experience there, as well as intensive first-hand training in the Reggio Emilia Approach to education in Italy. Recently she was the speaker at the Internationals Schools Conference held in Shanghai. Hina holds a Bachelor's degree and a Post-Graduate degree from U.K. Universities, Sheffield and Manchester, respectively. Her passions include photography, having featured her photographs on multiple online platforms, including National Geographic’s ‘Your Shot’ editors’ favourite.

Samuel Kam 金礼贤



Lily Li 李丽

Office Manager

Ms. Lily Li is our Office Manager. She has a wealth of experience in a multitude of management positions. Ms. Lily is responsible for liaising with internal and external agencies affiliated with our school. She is a dedicated team member with a passion for international education.

Victor Kim 金德和

Discipline Master

Mr. Victor graduated from California State University, Hayward, USA with a Finance major and had thirty years of experience in the disciplinary forces of the Hong Kong government, namely Correctional Services, Police Force and Customs & Excise Department (C&ED). Throughout his service, he was the Senior Training Officer of Customs & Excise Training School for ten years; he was also in charge of the Complaints Investigation Unit, which was directly under the command of the Duty Commissioner of C&ED to handle public complaints, staff complaints and internal investigation of confidential and sensitive nature. His expertise also included drug investigations in detecting serious drug trafficking activities at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and intelligence collection at the street level. After retiring from the post of Divisional Commander of the Airport Administration Division of HKIA in 2015, he worked in the U.S. for seven years, during which he had several working experiences which were closely related to his current posting as Discipline Master of ASJ, such as Program Manager of Silicon Valley International Education in California, interpreter of Mandarin/English for Tesla at Austin, Texas and Public Safety Officer of the Police Department of Stanford University. He is pleased to work at ASJ, and share his experience in the government and overseas with all, in particular the students, to make this school a better place to work and learn.

Annette Zhu 朱雯


Ms. Annette Zhu is our Early Years Chinese Core Teacher Coordinator, has been with our school for over 17 years now. During Ms. Annette’s time at our school she has worked as an administrator, teacher support and a Mandarin teacher. Ms. Annette holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary education, majoring in English education. She also has the qualification of junior middle school English teacher. Ms. Annette actively participated in learning and training at work, accumulating a great degree of professional knowledge in Primary and Preschool Education. In 2018, she had the honour to go and study at EtonHouse in Singapore, where she participated in the REACH Reggio teaching seminar. Through in-depth study and understanding of Reggio and IB, she firmly believes that inquiry-based learning requires educators to trust children to let them experiment and express themselves. Children must be taught how to think ,not what to think.

Ivy Yang 杨海芳


Ms. Ivy Yang holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary education. For the past 12 years Ms. Ivy has worked in international education, including 8 years at EtonHouse. She has an excellent understanding of the development of children from a multitude of ages. Having four years of administrative experience has helped her provide better support to teachers and parents in understanding the teaching and culture of international schools. Ms. Ivy is a parent herself and she is able to provide a wide range of support methods and services to parents. She has an in-depth understanding of Montessori and the Reggio teaching philosophies. Ms. Ivy enjoys furthering her teaching subject knowledge and is constantly learning and exploring the IB curriculum.

Josanne Bally

IB PYP Coordinator

Ms. Josanne Bally is our IB Primary Years Programme Coordinator. She works collaboratively with all stakeholders within the school community to help to ensure that the student’s individual interests, strengths and skills are nurtured through inquiry-based teaching and learning practices. Ms. Bally holds a Bachelor’s degree in Administration and a Master’s degree in Education. She has 17 years of teaching experience, 13 of which have been spent designing, implementing and successfully developing the IB curriculum within various International schools. Having facilitated workshops in South China on ‘Transdisciplinary Learning’ and the ‘Role of the Arts in Education’, she promotes the effectiveness of learning content through and across multiple disciplines. Being respectful of the intricate cultural fabric of the world, she enjoys engaging in real-world learning experiences through exploration and travel.

Kerenina Joy

ICT Coordinator

Ms. Kerenina Ong has 18 years of experience in education, working with a variety of learning frameworks. She has been with EtonHouse International School for over nine years. Since beginning in early 2014, Ms. Kerenina has manoeuvred through the different challenges of Nursery to Reception and Year 1 while simultaneously accepting the role of ICT Coordinator, which she is now undertaking full-time. Ms. Kerenina has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, having written her dissertation on the ‘Educator’s role in play-based learning in China’. From a TCK (third-culture kid) background and having grown up in an international setting, Ms. Kerenina believes that her unique experiences have provided her with a better understanding of students who find themselves in similar situations. Outside of school, Ms. Kerenina enjoys reading, travelling, video editing, and expanding her skills in graphics design & layout.

Diane Caparas


Ms. Diana, was born and raised in the Philippines. She graduated at Quezon City Polytechnic University with a degree in Bachelor of Science and Informational Technology. Ms. Diane began her career in an IT Company for a year and moved to her country's local TV network station, and served as a Content Media Curator for 4 years. At ASJ, Ms. Diana plays a key role facilitating, providing, and supporting new technologies, with the objective to integrate, foster, and promote the development of imagination, creativity, and innovation in students, teachers and staff. She has been living and working in China for over four years. She loves to spend the weekends exploring, expanding, and creating digital arts.

Cloris Deng 邓琳榆

Secretary of the Office of Principals

Ms. Cloris is from Dongguan and graduated from the University of Technology, a local City College of Dongguan, with a Bachelor’s degree in 2019. She previously worked at the Dongguan Translation Service Center and Dongguan Hanlin Experimental School as a teaching administrator. She has over three years of experience teaching English from her time in a language tutoring centre. In addition, Ms. Cloris has a French language certificate. She enjoys learning languages, and she has a passion for language teaching.

Stacey Huang 黄运明


Ms.Stacey Huang is our office assistant in charge of foreign staff's work visa and school purchasing. She graduated with 2 Bachelors in both English and International Economy & Trade, and she holds the certificates: CET4, CET6, TEM4, TEM8 & BEC Vantage. She had been working in a trading company for more than 10 years before working at EtonHouse since January 2017 in the administration department. A dozen years of working experience have enabled her to work efficiently, well-organised and resourcefully. Ms. Stacey’s language skills show she is proficient in English, Cantonese & Mandarin. She is a mother of two young children and loves children and their innocence. She attaches importance to their physical and mental development, placing their feelings as her top priority. Ms. Stacey loves to exercise, hiking and rope skipping.

Grace Hua 华小慧


Ms. Grace Hua is our office administration assistant. She originates from Hei LongJiang province and has lived in Dongguan for over 10 years. Ms. Grace graduated from Harbin Normal University, obtaining a Bachelor's degree. Having over 5 years of teaching experience at EtonHouse International School in Nursery Classes, Ms. Grace transitioned as the Early Years receptionist for nearly 3 years before becoming our ASJ administrator. Ms. Grace has a strong passion for teaching and a love for education.

Kayla Zhang 张琪


Ms. Kayla Zhang was born in Nanchang and grew up in Dongguan. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English and holds a TEM 4 and Teacher’s Qualification Certificate for primary school. Her experience assisting foreign teachers in English institutions has enabled her to communicate better with children. In her spare time, she likes travelling and photography.

Sophia Huang

Administrator / Photographer

As our school photographer and administrative assistant, Ms. Sophia captures precious moments. She edits, proofreads and improves contents and she helps maintain our social media channels: WeChat, TikTok, Channels, Facebook and Youtube. She has a degree in Psychology from Simon Fraser University. Ms. Sophia has been with us for over 5 years.

Sasha Chen 陈楚梅


Ms. Sasha Chen graduated from Dongguan University of Technology in 2019, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism of Radio & Television. Before joining ASJ, she worked as a news reporter and editor in two famous domestic media outlets, NetEase and Sohu. Now she is an office administration assistant and media operator at our school. She is also one of the school’s photographers and thinks it’s delightful to record beautiful moments for students.

Michael Mai 麦筹璋


Micheal is the Assistant Discipline Master of ASJ. He is a veteran who served in the Chinese army for two years. He graduated from Dongguan University of Technology with a bachelor degree. His motto is: Where there is a will, there is a way. He is a very responsible and careful person. He is willing to devote his life to the education of his country. His work experience has always been dealing with students, and he has his own way of dealing with students. When working in the school,he can get along well with students.

Renaldo Romeo

Student Support (Assistant Officer)

Mr Romeo holds a Masters degree in Procuremnt Logistics and Suppy chain management from the University of Salford in the UK. He joined the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force, an arm of the Ministry of National Security Trinidad and Tobago,in 1997 as a Commissioned Officer 2nd Lieutenant. Mr Romeo attained the Commissioned rank of “Captain” before joining the law enforcement unit of the Ministry of National security in Trinidad and Tobago called “The National Operations centre”. Mr Romeo then joined ASJ international School in 2022 as a Teacher and is presently assigned to the Discipline Office. In total Mr Romeo has over 20 years experience in youth development using a military framework and 4 years law enforcement service.

Carmen Li 李嘉敏


Ms. Carmen Li is our accountant in charge of payrolls, reimbursement and payments. She earned a major in accounting and completed a certificate of Accounting Profession. Ms. Carmen had been working at EtonHouse for 4 years and is excited to move onto the year with ASJ.

May Liang 梁兰妹


Ms.May Liang is our accountant, in charge of payroll calculating, finance statement, income tax declaration and finance analysis. She attains a bachelor degree in Accounting and a certificate of Accounting Qualification Vantage. Although she has joined us in last year, she had been working in a public company as a financing supervisor for 13 years. She is good at gardening and planting.

Cherry Zhong 钟吉


Yishan Ling 凌艺珊


Ms. Yishan Ling is the HR of ASJ and possesses a Bachelor Degree of Management. While studying in South China Normal University, she adopted its motto, “Foster the spirit of working hard; Pursue studies with utmost rigour; Seek truth from facts with innovation, and be a model of virtue for others”. Ms. Yishan Ling is gentle and caring and treats people with respect. Her knowledge and experience help her work more effectively and with quality.

Sabrina Leung 梁芷晴


Chang Zuping 常祖平


Mr. Chang is the head of the Joint Examination Department for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwanese students. He graduated from Central China Normal University and has been teaching for 27 years. He has a wealth of experience in education and teaching experiences including grade 1 middle school teacher and senior high school Chinese teachers. Since he came to Dongguan in August 2000, he has worked in large private schools both as a teacher and administrator. He is also one of the first batch of advanced teachers of the Education reform in Dongguan.

Xiuqiong Ye 叶秀琼


Rongsheng Wang 汪荣升


Xinhao Wang 王薪豪


Dairu Lu 吕岱儒


Tim Tse 谢添顺

DSE Curriculum Coordinator

Mr. Tim is our DSE Curriculum Coordinator. He comes from Hong Kong and graduated from the University of East Anglia, U.K., with a First-Class Honours Degree in Financial Accounting. He is also a Cambridge International exam officer and a CELTA-certified ESL teacher who has taught English to students of various levels previously at EtonHouse. He is passionate about teaching and exploring new ways to improve his students. He is outgoing, and he likes all kinds of outdoor activities.

Julia Xu 许焕贤


Julia Xu is the full-time school nurse responsible for all teachers' and students' daily health management and emergency medical services. She has 10 years of rich clinical work experience within the medical industry. Julia has a strong work ethic and a steadfast commitment to her tasks. She approaches her work with a sense of responsibility and takes pride in delivering high-quality results. Her positive attitude and dedication make her a valuable asset to the team, and her willingness to go above and beyond to ensure success is truly admirable.

Ealing Nie 聂伊灵


Ms. Ealing Nie, our school nurse on the night shift, graduated from Gannan Medical University. She is responsible for dealing with the special situations of students from dusk to dawn and the distribution of school uniforms. She is positive, optimistic, lively, cheerful, and a good support for students.

Gong Xinbing 龚新兵


Authur Zhang 张剑东

IT Support

Mr. Arthur Zhang is a skilled computer professional with a degree in Computer Applications. He is proficient in computing, network tools, and other applications, such as Dreamweaver. Mr. Arthur has gained valuable IT support experience during his 4-year tenure at a public school where he was responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting system performance issues. He also managed and maintained network security, managed software updates and patches, and provided technical assistance to end-users. His excellent computer skills and technical support experience make him a valuable asset to any team requiring IT support. Arthur's expertise and dedication to his profession make him a reliable and dependable IT professional.



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