Angela Pontiga

Core Teacher FA

Daphne Ding 丁紫瑜

Chinese Core Teacher FA

Ms. Daphne is an early childhood teacher from Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. She majored in Preschool Education. She has proven her excellence through her constant achievement grading within the top two in school competitions. Additionally, she has a CET-6 and CET-4 piano certificate from the Central Conservatory of Music. She enjoys playing with children, partaking in their innocence and enjoys spending time together with them. Her hobby after work is playing the piano.

Cherrylyn Raposon

Core Teacher K1

Ms. Cherrylyn Raposon is from the Philippines. She is a 42-year-old mother of two lovely girls. Her eldest daughter is now 24 years old, following in her mother's footsteps. Ms. Cherry’s youngest daughter is 17 years old, and her dream is to become an excellent and creative teacher too! Ms. Cherry holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and has been teaching in Dongguan, China, since 2003. She previously worked in different International Schools and Chinese Schools in Guangdong. She has devoted herself to education, having been teaching at EtonHouse for almost 10 years as a Foundation Core Teacher. She has a passion for Early Learning, especially enriching young minds through play and mindful experiences. Ms. Cherry enjoys travelling, reading, cooking, and singing in her free time. Her passion is to continually develop her understanding of Early Childhood Education. She is deeply inspired by our community of learners, and it is her belief that strong relationships are an essential foundation. Each day Ms. Cherry loves to see smiles on the children's faces when they learn something new. Her favourite all-time quote is “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” - Albert Einstein

Kailyn Tang 唐金玲

Chinese Core Teacher K1

Ms. Kailyn Tang has been at EtonHouse for over ten years, and it is our delight that she chose to remain with ASJ. Ms. Kailyn is our Foundation Chinese Core Teacher and has previous firsthand knowledge of teaching Early Years Mandarin and working at the Nursery level. Upon graduating from Jiangxi Normal University, she began her working experience within local Kindergartens in Zhuhai and Dongguan. Her expertise is extensive as she previously served as the Principal in the kindergarten and also won the title of ‘Excellent Teacher in Town’.

Janice Amindalan

Core Teacher K2

Ms. Janice Amindalan was born and raised in the Philippines. She graduated from Saint Louis University in Baguio City, Philippines as a certified and licensed teacher with a Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in History and a minor in Languages. She has completed 18 units of her Master's degree. She has vast teaching experiences with History, Economics, ESL (Primary), Special Needs, P. E. and Early Years. Being an educator for 22 years has taught her that the first five years of a child’s life are probably the most crucial in determining what the child will become in their life. They will learn about kindness, self-esteem, pride in accomplishment, socialising with others, courtesy and many other traits. Her experiences teaching Collegiate, Secondary, Primary and Early Years levels has taught her that students all have differences and similarities. She believes about compassion and that every struggling adult was once an adorable little child, doing the best they could with whatever life handed them. The best things she has learnt from being a teacher are patience, persistence and management of handling students. Teaching is her passion, it gives her enjoyment and provides opportunities for gaining new knowledge in new teaching methods everyday.

Jackie Ye 叶小燕

Chinese Core Teacher K2

Ms. Jackie Ye is our K1 Chinese Core Teacher. She comes from Dongguan, graduating from a Normal School University with a Major in Primary Education. Ms. Jackie has eagerly been engaged in early childhood education since graduation, with over 18 years of experience.

Kaye Pineda

Librarian & Music Teacher

Ms. Raquel M. Pineda is our Early Years Music Specialist and Librarian. She comes from Manila, Philippines and is a mother of two children. Ms. Pineda has completed her Bachelor of Theology and numerous Music and Early Childhood Development courses. Her expertise includes a Degree in Counselling (for children and adults) and also a TESOL certificate. Ms. Raquel’s extensive music skills include playing and teaching Ukulele, Guitar and Congas.

Courtney Adele Proctor

Core Teacher K3

Ms. Courtney previously taught in a Foreign Language school, helping students develop their understanding of English. As she continues her journey as a teacher, she hopes to inspire and guide students to excel in their academic endeavours and help them seek out and develop their own creative style.

Camila Zhang 张艳婷

Chinese Core Teacher K3

Ms. Camila Zhang graduated from the Beijing Normal University of Zhuhai, majoring in Administration and Japanese. She has over 8 years of teaching experience working in various Kindergartens concentrating on Montessori methodologies. Ms. Camila really enjoys children, as evidenced by her two children, a boy and a girl. Outside of school, she likes sports, especially swimming and yoga; she enjoys travelling and is a food lover! She believes the key to early education is love, patience and responsibility. Her favourite quote is, “Respect the differences of children”.

Mauricio Borda López

Core Teacher G1

Mr. Mauricio Borda is an enthusiastic and devoted primary school teacher committed to his students' learning and development process. He views every child as unique and special in their own way, with the potential to become someone great if supported by an open-minded, understanding, and caring educator. Mr. Mauricio graduated from Pontifical Xavierian University with a Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages and Roehampton University with a Master's in Educational Leadership. He is currently doing his second Master's in Early Childhood. Sixteen years of experience as an educator has taught him to cultivate students' thirst for knowledge to be inquirers, thinkers, and risk-takers. In the past seven years, Mr. Mauricio has learned to understand the importance of working on each student's strengths and areas of improvement to bring out the best in them and make them better world citizens.

Jenny Dong 董艳妮

Chinese Core Teacher G1

Ms. Jenny Dong graduated with a bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Literature. After graduation, she happily joined our school as a Chinese Core Teacher. She holds the qualification certificates: ‘Junior Middle School Mandarin teacher’ and ‘Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages'. Ms Jenny has a rich educational background and subject knowledge, having worked in international schools for over six years. Over the years, with professional development and training, Ms. Jenny’s teaching skills and ability have flourished.

Amé Basson

Core Teacher G2

Ms. Amé Basson is a very passionate, hardworking and creative teacher. She has a good track record of being a very successful teacher and has taught children of different age groups for over six years. She grew up in a family of teachers, which inspired her to become a teacher. Ms. Amé has a passion for supporting, teaching and caring for young learners. She possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Education as well as a Level 3 TEFL certificate. After graduation, she began her amazing journey of being a teacher. She had the opportunity to teach in China and Macau, making a difference in the lives of the learners she met. It is her life's goal to make a positive impact on the pupils she meets. Apart from her teaching experience and classroom management skills, her enthusiasm makes her a perfect fit as a Grade 2 Homeroom teacher. She is excited to be working alongside the other teachers to help the students grow and develop in their elementary years. Outside of work, she loves playing sports and exercising daily. She also enjoys singing and dancing and loves to travel and learn more about different countries.

Jacky Tan 谭海剑

Chinese Core Teacher G2

Mr. Jacky Tan is from Foshan. He graduated from University majoring in Business English. He previously worked in the United States for 4 months before going to Cambodia to build houses for disadvantaged families. In his spare time he volunteers to help and support autistic children in Dongguan. Mr. Jacky really loves outdoor activities, especially hiking and ultimate frisbee.

Michael Hallett

Core Teacher G3

Mr. Michael Hallett is our Grade 3 Core Teacher. He graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Business Studies. After several years he decided to pursue a career in teaching. Driven by his own achievements and positive memories of school, Mr. Michael yearned for the opportunity to provide today’s students with their own positive memories and experiences. He considers teaching to be a vocation as opposed to an occupation, and with this in mind, he continues to seek new opportunities to develop his understanding of new educational practices and that of himself. His knowledge and experience of the UK curriculum have provided a solid platform in which to successfully implement the IB curriculum. Michael’s experience of teaching in a number of schools in the northwest of England enabled him to teach at a wide variety of year levels ranging from Preschool to Year 6.

Cathy Zhou 周小丹

Chinese Core Teacher G3

Ms. Cathy Zhou graduated from the University of Foreign Languages with a degree in education. She has a great passion for education and has been working in education since her graduation, working in the field of Early Years Education for five years. She is friendly and interacts with her students with patience and respect, helping to guide them by following the psychological developmental characteristics of their age. She incorporates her love of traditional Chinese culture, literature, art, and cross-cultural communication concepts into her teaching, making the classroom joyful and accompanying children to develop creatively. Her teaching style is lively and fun, entertaining, and encourages children's enthusiasm and curiosity. She is very affectionate, gentle and pays attention to each child, guiding them to take the initiative to think and cultivate their independent thinking spirit.

Mark Robson

Core Teacher G4

Mr. Mark Robson originates from Nottingham, England. He has been living and teaching in East Asia for about 6 years, mostly with Lower Primary students. He loves his job and feels a sense of accomplishment and pride as he enjoys seeing students develop their skills and understanding from tangible investigations. He feels the rewards of teaching when students develop positively and gain happy memories of their time in school as they develop their socio-emotional skills. In his spare time he loves to play guitar and travel, especially to very green, beautiful and natural places where he gains a sense of having escaped form the world a little.

Coco Deng 邓焕儿

Chinese Core Teacher G4

Ms. Coco Deng is the Chinese Core Teacher of our Grade 4 class. She is from Dongguan and can speak Cantonese. Ms. Coco graduated from Western Sydney University of Australia. After graduation, she received her certificate of Primary Education in China. Ms. Coco has nearly 6 years of education experience. She is open-minded, quick-thinking and skilful in searching for information on the internet. Ms. Coco has a broad range of interests, such as reading, surfing the internet and enjoying music. Ms. Coco lives by the motto to “Try My Best!”

Warren Raynardt

Core Teacher G5

Mr. Warren Garth Raynardt is our Grade 5 Core Teacher. He is 35 years old and was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Mr. Warren has been an educator for 12 years and he holds a bachelor's degree in education from Cape Peninsula University. He is a passionate teacher who believes in holistic development, that all students are different and should be encouraged to tell their own life story. He enjoys a challenge and can be very competitive at times. Mr. Warren’s motto in life is “Always try to do something better than the day before and aspire to inspire young minds!”

Esther Liu 刘惠贞

Grade 5 Chinese Core Teacher

Ms. Esther Liu is a Chinese Core Teacher in Grade 5. This year marks her 6th year with us. Ms. Esther is very passionate about teaching and furthering the development of students at school. She feels that her role as a teacher is not just to bombard students with books, but also to learn a lot from each other about how to be better people here, together in this world. Ms. Esther looks forward to what adventures the future holds for all of us.

Henco Simmons

Core Teacher G6

Leslie Allen

Chinese Core Teacher G6

Ms. Leslie Allen is our Chinese Core Teacher in Upper Primary. She is from Guangdong province, originating from Guangzhou. Ms. Leslie enjoys making people happy and she finds pleasure in making others smile. Her favourite hobbies are singing and playing the piano. Ms. Leslie has a rich educational background and subject knowledge, having worked in international schools for over eight years.

Julia Zhou 周晓亚


Yuki Chen 陈湘玉


Nicko Pineda

ICT Teacher

Mr. Ephraim Nicko Pineda is our ICT teacher. He originated from the Philippines and is happily married to Ms. Diane, our Informational Technology specialist. He's been teaching here since 2018 and is excited to enter his 5th year. Mr. Pineda earned his Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication in 2013 from the Institute of Creative Computer Technology. Current and emerging technology is something he is passionate about; how things work, functionality, and problem-solving. He loves sharing innovative ideas to involve students as they learn, grow, question and discover the amazing world of technology.

Maria Principe

Art Teacher

Ms. Maria’s interest in visual arts started at the early age of 10 when she won a Drawing and Painting competition in her city. With her mother’s encouragement, she pursued her passion for arts and hosted her first painting exhibition at 13 years of age, with about 10 works. She pursued her passion by attending the High School For Visual Arts in Coimbra, Portugal, before attending a tertiary Professional Ceramics Painting and Decoration course. She is very passionate about ceramics and visual arts, thus her transition as an Educator through the consequences of her own learning process. Like the artists she spent time with, Ms. Maria enjoys sharing her knowledge of visual arts with young minds. Watching them develop artistically gives her great pleasure, honouring and fulfilling her desire of sharing and spreading her knowledge.

Valentina Paletti

ESL Teacher

Ms. Valentina Paletti was born and raised in Italy. She graduated from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice first with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Studies in 2014 and then with a Master’s Degree in Translation Studies in 2017. Additionally, she holds a TEFL Certificate for teaching the English language. During her university years, she had the chance to study and undergo traineeships in China, Taiwan and Scotland. While still at university, she started teaching English Literature and Grammar as well as the Italian Language to primary and secondary school students, while later she was also appointed as a Chinese tutor at the same university she had just graduated from. In 2020 she moved to China, where she initially worked in Langfang, Hebei, as a kindergarten and primary school teacher, joining our ASJ team in May 2022, first as an Early Years and now as an EAL teacher.

Christopher Hayes

Sports Director | P.E.

Mr. Christopher Hayes has been passionate about sports since he was a child and has worked very hard to gain a wealth of knowledge in human health and exercise. Since university, he’s worked several different roles in the sports environment, but teaching was the role he fell in love with. As teachers, he believes that we should constantly be evolving and learning. Since graduating from university, he has achieved coaching awards in Football, Basketball, Rugby, and Handball, to name a few. Moving forward, he would love to work and develop the school's P.E. curriculum to accommodate diverse interest and provides all students with support on and off the field.

Don Wu 吴海生

PE Teacher

Mr. Don Wu is the P.E. teacher in Primary Department. He graduated from the Dongguan University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry. He has two years of experience coaching football at the FUTURA football club. While at university, he participated in various physical sports, such as football, basketball and rugby. After 4 years of university studies, Mr. Don discovered a passion and success in Physical Education, building on his expertise in Chemistry. His experiences coaching and organising a number of sporting events have strengthened his teaching skills in physical education. Mr. Don reflects on his younger years when he was keen to share his understanding of learning with his classmates. He identified his passion for teaching from an early age as he had always been eager to share something good with others. These experiences have helped to shape his character as a teacher and expectations for higher achievements in his career.

Corrine Zhuang 庄翔洁


Ms. Corrine Zhuang graduated from the Dongguan university of Technology, receiving a Bachelor of Economics and Cambridge Business English Certificate (Vantage). This is her third year working for ASJ. Ms. Corrine enjoys furthering her education and recently she obtained the TEFL-TESOL certification. Ms. Corrine comes from Shantou, which is famous for its delicious food. Ms. Corrine’s favourite motto is "Everyday is a brand new day!” and she believes that Education is a way to help people become the light and salt of the world.

Carol Zhong 钟鸣


Ms. Carol Zhong is a Mandarin teacher from the famous tourist city Zhangjiajie, Hunan. She chose to teach and study Chinese culture because of its rich and diverse history. Ms. Carol is a certified Chinese teacher for primary school and is extremely good at expressing herself. She majored in Elementary Education and has passed the CET6. Ms. Carol likes most sports, except running. In her spare time, she often practices singing.

Nicky Hu 胡惠子


Ms. Nicky is our Mandarin teacher; this is her eighth year working at the school. She has a certificate of teaching from South China Normal University (SCNU) in Primary Education. Ms. Nicky has a passion and drive for teaching. As she has been part of our team for a considerable time now Ms. Nicky is constantly surprised by the growth and development of her previous students in junior primary, both physically and emotionally, which she considers an accomplishment. She loves Chinese culture and Chinese food very much. In her free time, she enjoys reading and making delicious food. Coffee is her absolute favourite - A cup of coffee daily keeps the doctor away.

Rushi Zeng 曾如霜


Ms. Rushi Zeng is our Primary Years Music teacher from Hengyang city Hunan Province. Ms. Rushi graduated from Leeds Conservatoire of England and holds a Master's degree in music. She has 5 years of teaching experience through working in International schools in Jiangsu and here. She puts much effort into ensuring students gain a multicultural perspective. She enjoys spending her time playing sports games with her friends, especially badminton.

Leaf Li 李宏云


Michaela Raynardt


Ms. Michaela Raynardt is our Primary Years Librarian. She was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. This is her fourth year working as the IB PYP Librarian. She graduated with a degree in Corporate Communication and, since leaving the corporate environment, has found a passion for working with the young minds of our future generation. In 2022, Ms. Michaela had the privilege of presenting at the PYP South China Network Job Alike, where she shared her knowledge of her role as the IB PYP Librarian. She looks forward to developing her role at the school and is excited about the new learning experiences ahead.

Rachel Yang 杨君君


Ms. Rachel has been working in with the school for four years. Currently, she is one of our Grade 7 Homeroom Teachers and also teaches Secondary School Mandarin. Ms. Rachel graduated from an educational university, majoring in Journalism. She has experience working as a professional journalist both in TV stations and newspapers before she dedicated her career to teaching. Many pieces of her writing were published in newspapers and magazines. She enjoyed multiple short-term travel and study experiences at Harvard, Yale and Trinity College. Ms. Rachel also has prior experience as an English teacher teaching MAP courses for students intending to attend international schools before joining EtonHouse and ASJ. As a teacher, Ms. Rachel believes in going beyond instilling knowledge, but rather strives to do her utmost to inspire and motivate each student in order to reach their full potential.

Daisy Zhan 湛焰婷


Ms. Daisy has a Master's Degree in Social Research Methods with Applied Statistics from the University of Southhampton in the UK. She has taught international mathematics courses for two years, including HKDSE and OSSD. She is the Homeroom teacher for Grade 8 and teaches Maths for both Grade 7 and Grade 8. She is interested in developing a student-centred mathematics curriculum related to realistic contexts. She is a passionate educator whose happiness is having her students solve problems and challenges her own teaching techniques. She feels very blessed to be a teacher and work with the students at ASJ.

Elaine Luo 骆婷婷


Ms. Elaine completed her Bachelor’s degree at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL) in Wuhan, Hubei, majoring in Financial Statistics. She has been an English teacher for 8 years, including Cambridge English Course and HKDSE. She also gained the globally recognised certificate Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) in 2018. She has participated in a national teaching competition with more than 5000 competitors and won as runner-up in 2017. Ms. Elaine is a passionate and open-minded teacher; many students and parents admire and support her. In her spare time, she also enjoys travelling around the countries and abroad, sharing a lot of interesting stories with students. She is the Homeroom teacher for Grade 7-D and teaches General English (grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading) for both Grades 7 and 8.

Tiki Huang 黄潇丹


Ms. Tiki graduated from Coventry University in the UK with a Master's Degree in English language Teaching and Applied Linguistics. She is the Junior Secondary English teacher with over 5 years of teaching experience. She holds qualifications in TESOL, TQC for High School English teaching, and IPA (teaching Chinese as a foreign language). She is passionate about teaching, and her humorous way of teaching always endeavours to contribute to students' self-confidence.

Claire Zeng 曾蕾


Ms. Claire completed her Bachelor’s degree in Public Management and Master’s degree in Pedagogy at South China Normal University (SCNU). Ms. Claire is an enthusiastic and caring person. During her university vacation, she interned at a state-level public technical college and university school, providing her with invaluable teaching experience. She currently teaches History for Junior Secondary and Society & Citizenship for Senior Secondary. She is passionate about helping all children reach their potential, arousing their curiosity, and encouraging them to try more when they are learning.  Ms. Claire is excited to be a part of ASJ School and is looking forward to making her contribution to our ASJ family. 

Amy Wu 吴少娜


Ms. Amy has many years of experience in teaching Mandarin. She always puts students’ growth and happiness first, pays attention to improving students' comprehensive capability and helps students solve life and psychological problems.

Gina Gonzaga

ESL Teacher

Ms Gina P. Gonzaga is from the Philippines. She graduated from the Philippine Normal University on March 1987 with the AB/BSE Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, majoring in English. She previously taught in the Philippines as a public High School teacher for 10 years. She has been teaching in China for 15 years in different cities. She worked at EtonHouse International School for 7 years as an Early Years P.E. teacher. Currently, she teaches ESL and assists Secondary students in ASJ’s Reading Club.

Sunnie Feng 冯晨阳


Ms. Sunnie Feng, graduated from the University of International Business and Economics with a Master's degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Ms. Feng’s previous experience includes teaching at the Confucius Institute of Trinity Saint David University in the U.K. and the Confucius Institute of San Diego State University in the U.S. Ms Feng also possesses an International Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate and the Junior School English Teacher Qualification Certificate. She loves an education career and believes that education is to awaken students' inner wisdom.

Gregory James Davies

英语老师 English Teacher

Mr. Davies is a dedicated and imaginative music educator with a strong track record of success in teaching middle and high school students in China. He comes from a family of educators, which has inspired him to pursue a career in teaching. With a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a TEFL certificate, Mr. Davies has the knowledge and skills to effectively support and guide his students. Over the past six years, he has made a significant impact on the lives of the learners he has taught, and he is eager to continue doing so. His passion for music, teaching and caring for young learners, along with his classroom management expertise, makes him an excellent fit for this role. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Davies enjoys playing music and staying active through daily exercise. He is also a traveler and loves learning about different cultures. With his positive attitude and passion for education, he is excited to work with his colleagues to help students grow and achieve their full potential.

Cecilia He 何泳诗


Ms. Cecilia was born and raised in Dongguan. She has a Bachelors Degree from the City University of New York – Baruch College, majoring in Finance. She is currently teaching English and Accounting in Secondary. Ms. Cecilia experience includes 1-year teaching Primary and 2 years of High School students. She is passionate about infusing Western and Chinese culture into her teaching. Her knowledge and experience studying aboard helps her guide students into a smooth transition before going to their dream universities.

Adaline Jiang 蒋芳


Ms. Adaline is one of our ASJ English teachers for the Secondary Department, having previously worked in EtonHouse for over 2 years. She originates from Guilin, Guangxi province, and grew up in Dongguan. She majored in English and Tourism with a Bachelor's Degree and holds qualifications of TEM4, TEM8, and TQC for High School English teaching and an English tour guide certificate. She is patient and thoughtful and has valuable experience in English speech and debate contests as well as translation competitions. She has a unique and humorous way of teaching, always endeavouring to contribute to students’ self-confidence, self-learning, and critical thinking from both a Chinese and Western education system. Moreover, she is adept at leading students to comprehend reading with writing. She envisions that she will continually go on learning and teaching.

Jim Zhang 张理斐


Ms. Jim Zhang graduated from Loughborough University in the U.K. with a Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry, having completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. Ms. Jim previously worked as a consumer product testing technician at the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine in Beijing. She has experience in teaching TOEFL, IELTS, Chemistry and other science-related subjects, especially within international programs such as IGCSE and IB. As an educator, Ms. Jim wants to help students attain their fullest potential within these areas by providing an environment that fosters risk-taking as well as enabling students to develop positive characters to be life-long learners.

Fangyu Zhou 周昉彧


Mr. Fangyu Zhou graduated from Dongguan High School and Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. He is experienced in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a First Language. He has devoted himself to teaching and enjoys guiding students to explore the world with a passion and feel the colourful life in the world of literature, all while engaging in more reflection, thinking and perception. He always encourages his students to develop themselves continuously.

Alex Feng 冯炜


Mr. Alex graduated from UCLA, majoring in applied Math. He has management and engineering experience as an FAE, thus he is well-known to relate Math with real life experiences. By doing so, Math becomes interesting and touchable and can stimulates students' interest in Math.

Tiffany Yin 尹谭凤


Ms. Tiffany is our Chemistry teacher and integrated Science teacher for Grade 9 and Grade 10 students. She graduated from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing with a Master's degree in Science, and her graduation project was published in an SCI scientific journal. She has been teaching international courses, including Science, IGCSE Biology, IGCSE Chemistry and A-level Chemistry, for 7 years - 2 years in Foshan and 5 years in an International Middle School in Shenzhen. Ms. Tiffany encourages creativity and exploration in each student with the help of project learning, flipped classes, and lab experiments.

Lucas Wu 吴发钦


Mr. Lucas Wu has more than ten years of experience in education teaching software development. He has previously participated in the development/management of large-scale software projects such as Op Steel Network and Country Garden BIP. He has rich practical software experience and class teaching management experience. He is good at inspiring and guiding education to stimulate students' potential and vitality.

Enid Zhang 张艳玲


Ms. Enid Zhang received her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from Hubei Normal University and her Master's degree in Education from Arizona State University. She is an international examiner and also obtained the National Certificate of Senior Home Education Counsellor and the National Certificate of Senior Psychological Counsellor. She loves teaching and is always learning and trying to improve her teaching skills.

James Zhai 翟键邦

PE Teacher

Morris Mo 莫里斯

PE Teacher

Xiaohui Feng 冯小惠


Shijian Ye 叶师健


Ivy Mu 牟慧婷


Jianting Zhou 周建婷


Harry Su 宿皓凌


Kelly Liang 梁淑灵


Bryan Lo 盧民翰盧民翰


Rich Lai 来鑫磊


Jones Xu 许琼之


Gigi Wang 王禹之


Stella Jiang 姜姗杉


Duke Du 杜攀


Joy Bao 鲍家雪


Yiqin Chen 陈义琴


Sukie Du 杜静华


Ms. Sukie has been an English teacher for 13 years. She has rich teaching experience with students of different levels. She has a Bachelor's degree that majors in British and American Literature. Besides TEM8 and TQC, she has always strived to improve herself and holds a certificate as an excellent adviser in English speaking contests and IELTS band 7.0. She is professional and devoted. With her rich experience and passion, she brings effective learning styles and cares for students.

Anne Xu 徐玲


Having been an English teacher for the Joint Examination for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for many years, Ms. Xu is a skilled professional who identifies and supports her students as individual learners. Her student achieved the Number One Scholars of Guangdong province in the joint exam.

Yongtao Chen 陈永涛


Boyar Zhang 张鹏飞


Shaoqin Gao 高少芹


Yuzhong Liu 刘宇忠


Hongxiang He 贺鸿翔


Jigui Yi 易吉贵


Benzheng Xiong 熊本正


Lily Zhou 周英


Puma Ren 任书章




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